A word from the author

Anapest Press is an indie publisher based in Hong Kong.

In 2015 we published our first book. Hogart The Hedgehog Turns Nink.

We like rhythmic, comical narratives, written in anapestic rhyming verse – think Dr. Seuss for an older age group. Our narratives are layered in a way that both young and older readers, including parents, can find great entertainment value while learning new words and phrases at all levels from childhood through adult.

Furthermore, our books are designed to be really fun to read aloud. We believe reading aloud enables children to remember new words and to revel in the performance quality of language. With lots of relatable characters our books will even have kids wanting to memorise the stories so as to enjoy the fun elements of rhythm and rhyme.

And then there’s the hilarious world of illustrator Chris Stapp, whose cute and colourful characters will keep readers engrossed in the pictures as much as the stories.
Blair Reeve