Greta von Gerbil Book Release Trailer

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For quite some time I’d put off making this trailer because I was worried about using the new version of iMovie (10.1). I’ve used it a few times in the past and found some aspects very confusing. I’ve used the older version a lot in the past, and the new version seemed completely different, and I didn’t fancy having to learn the ropes all over again. Anyway, I don’t know why I thought it would be so difficult. I sat down and figured it out quite quickly last night, and a couple of hours later I had this trailer made. It was great fun making it, and at some stage I intend to make a full animated book version of both Hogart and Greta to be posted on YouTube and here at the Anapest news blog.

In this trailer, I give you the first two stanzas (and pages) of the story, followed by a series of increasingly exasperated faces as Greta wreaks sesquipedalian havoc on the residents of Rodentville. The jazz music sounded perfect for the sequence of expressions. It was a jingle called ‘”Gelato” provided by Apple in the audio section of iMovie.

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