Hogart the Hedgehog Turns Nink

It’s Hogart’s ninth birthday. Alas, he doesn’t know his age, because hedgehogs count on their back feet and their back feet only have eight toes. As Snorning’s eldest hedgehog, Hogart is no longer the adventurer he once was, but someone has to find out what comes after eight, and Hogart has the experience for the job. On his quest, he meets a helpless earthworm, a pragmatic robin, a friendly owl, a gullible badger, and a mystical centipede. Hogart discovers that a hedgehog can count on its spines in more ways than one…

Hogart the Hedgehog Turns Nink is a rhythmic, comical narrative in anapestic rhyming verse, written to be read aloud. Hardcover Limited Edition. 200 x 283mm. 2200 words. 44 pages. For ages 6-10 and kidults who love stories in rhyme.

Reader’s comments

A mum in Hong Kong

I wanted to let Blair know that Maddy has been asking me to read her this book over and over again! She honestly has never asked me to read a book so many times. I will soon be able to recite it.:) A wonderful book and we really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for introducing us to it!

SM, journalist, Invercargill

Thanks so much for the lovely read. We started it last night and James loves the language. The story’s a bit complicated for a 4 year old, but he’s just starting to really love poetry, especially tricksy, fun stuff. It’s a winner!!

JMD, app developer, San Francisco

I just received my book today and I love it: text, flow, illustrations! I love that it’s a bit edgy too.

RAC, school teacher, Glasgow

It’s the perfect book for reading with your child. Funny enough to keep parents interested and the rhyme is divine.

MH, earthquake geologist, Wellington

It’s not often that you receive an autographed early edition of a kid’s (soon to be) classic.

NG, marketing manager, Hong Kong

It genuinely is a wildly entertaining read with fun wordplay. Perfect for ages 6 and up by my estimation.

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